David Blaine -

Dope on a Rope.

As the night fell on this October evening - Dave was still up there.

From the newspapers:

He may be a magician, but David Blaine can't make the hecklers in London disappear.
A week into the stunt, someone launched a remote-controlled toy helicopter carrying cheeseburger to taunt Blaine.

What will happen to night? Who cares?

From the newspapers:

Blaine's girlfriend and only voice these days, German model Manon von Gerkan, who was hoisted up on a crane to clean the egg off the Plexiglas, told reporters that she found the incidents "quite bizarre."

Yeah right!!! :-)

As you stand there below the above - you wonder what people are doing with the hours of video - everyone is bringing back home?

I (for one) knew from the very start that I would be posting on the internet :-) Wasting precious bandwidth with Dave! But whats with the videos? Are you guys actually sitting at home looking at Blaine videos?